About Us


Not Forgotten is an organization that is compelled by the love of Christ to provide for the physical, educational, emotional, and spiritual needs of impoverished, abandoned, and oppressed people of the world so that they may improve their quality of life, find salvation through Jesus Christ and be empowered to affect change in their communities.


In a city with high levels of substance abuse, sexual immorality, unemployment, large families, and low marriage rates, boys are often told that they must either contribute to the family income or fend for themselves so the rest of the family can survive.  From a young age, these boys are asked to daily sacrifice their childhood and their education with the aim of working in some way to support their families.  Historically, if they cannot add to the family’s livelihood by finding work, they are left with the alternative of surviving on the streets.  These boys have frequently faced one of two options in order to stay alive:  stealing or selling themselves.

Not Forgotten began with a group of individuals who were profoundly affected by children with this story.  These individuals began to dream of ways to respond to the harsh reality they personally encountered through these children.  They met local Peruvians who shared their desire for providing for these children’s physical, educational, emotional, and spiritual needs.  Not Forgotten became an official nonprofit in 2007, beginning its work by partnering with existing children’s homes in Iquitos.  In 2011, Not Forgotten purchased 100 acres of land, with the intention of building a children’s home in response to the great need in the area, and the goal of providing holistic care to the children who would one day reside there.


Not Forgotten has been planning and preparing a place that we pray will be a light not only to vulnerable children, but also to the surrounding community just outside of Iquitos, Peru.  With this purpose in mind, we purchased the land now known as Las Lomas.

In January 2014, we began constructing the first of several family-style homes for children at Las Lomas.  Rather than an institutional-style orphanage, children will be raised in a traditional family environment by loving caregivers.  Our goal is to create a place where these children can grow up safely, obtain spiritual and psychological guidance, receive a quality education, and be empowered to affect change in their community.

The family-style homes will house up to eight children per home and one pair of resident house parents.  Along with the needed bedrooms and baths, each home will be furnished with a kitchen and a shared living area for the children and house parents.  Each child at Las Lomas will be given their own bed, desk, and personal storage space for clothes and any other belongings.

Staff + Board
Tyler Fuqua
Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine and Pediatrics - University of Alabama at Birmingham
Zach Shipps
Consultant - Warren Averett
Joe Fuqua
Board Member
Architect - Fuqua and Partners Architects
CJ Jacobs
Board Member
Systems Engineer & Director, Combat Support Systems, Integration Innovation Inc (i3)
Brian Cook
Board Member
Director of Business Development - Cooks Pest Control
Randy Pittman
Board Member
Vice President of University Advancement - Samford University
Allison Fuqua
Board Member
Social Worker - Lifeline Children's Services, Inc.
Joel Brooks
Board Member
Lead Pastor - Redeemer Community Church