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December 17, 2012

Not Forgotten Needs Your Vote Today!

Not Forgotten is excited to participate in Project for Awesome 2012!  We recently shot some video footage of a team installing a septic system at the site where we’re building a new boys’ home near Iquitos, Peru… and we thought being a part of Project for Awesome 2012 would be a great way to raise awareness about Not Forgotten and the issues these young boys are facing.  We hope to leverage the fantastic hearts, creative minds, and unparalleled generosity of the Project for Awesome supporters in order to build hope and break the cycle of these abandoned children of Iquitos, Peru.

This past May, Not Forgotten broke ground at the work site located about an hour’s drive from the city of Iquitos, Peru.   We’re in the process of preparing the land for construction by grading and leveling ground, and the first building we intend to construct is a house for our grounds keepers, Leo and Saul, to live and work out of.  The first adjacent necessity for life support required for Leo and Saul is a properlybuilt septic system (sistema séptico).   It was also the right size and scope of a project for two rookie construction Gringos, CJ and Destin, and the small team of Peruvian construction workers we were able to assemble.  We ate dinner each night and spent our evenings at an orphanage in downtown Iquitos, Peru that is home to 47 young boys that have been abandoned at some point in their lives… we even got to go to the movies with all of them one night and saw Batman… in Spanish!


We completed the septic system in just 5 days, and thoroughly enjoyed our time together in Peru. It was an amazing experience on so many levels.  We not only built a septic system, but we built relationships with these boys that will last a lifetime.  Thanks to all of our supporters that made our trip possible, and thanks to the amazing people at Not Forgotten for all that they do!

Don’t forget to be awesome…visit <<VOTE HERE>> and vote for our video today!



  • me gusta lo que quieren hacer y espero que DIOS los siga bendiciendo y que esto sea para niños necesitados bendiciones para la familia que estara a cargo de esto

  • bendiciones a este proyecto y que gane siiiiiii

  • This could be a game changer.

  • Thank guys
    I am so thankful for what you are doing. In fact, Peru is my country.God bless you all.
    Peace and love.

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